Presale Details
The MilkyWay platform will start with a small and fairly distributed presale round that will be available to all interested buyers. The official date will be communicated via our social media channels once ready.
Below you can find all necessary details regarding the presale distribution.
Presale information
Tokens available = 25,000,000 MILKY Starting price = 0.0045 BUSD Discount from launch price = 10% Total raise = 112,500 BUSD Minimum buy = 25 BUSD Initial maximum buy = 500 BUSD The maximum buy amount will increase by 500 BUSD every 15 minutes to allow for as many interested buyers to participate in the presale as possible. If the presale continues for a longer time, bigger buyers will be able to invest larger amount.
Purchased MILKY tokens will be released in the following schedule:
  • 25% immediately on launch,
  • Rest of tokens are vested 15% daily for 5 days = 75% vested.